"Waking up the dream"

Lecture on self-fulfillment, inspiration, motivation and empowerment

Few people are happy with their lives. Job, dream, relationship, romance, passion... Everyone has something about themselves that they say 'well, THIS will probably not going to happen...' but it can!

Most people, not because they are stupid or screwed, just do not believe that something so good can happen to them. Certainly not their BIG dream. And here I come to show you that it is possible.

And it wasn't easy. I had to give up my law firm and giving lectures at Bar-Ilan University, just to sit on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv with a chair and a folding table selling my books, when all my surroundings thought I got fucked up in the head…

Imagine you're in a really good relationship, everything's really good and nice and you love each other, but they promise you that with someone else it will be the love of your life. If they swore to you that this was the case, how many of you would get up and leave?

In Dr. Seuss's book "Cat in the Hat", the children are left alone at home. Being bored, they want to do something fun. But they mustn't, it is forbidden... Then who appears out of nowhere? The cat in the hat! He fulfills everything they asked for despite the fact that the fish in the jar warns the children that it is forbidden and that their mother will be very angry!

Throughout our entire lives we want and ask from the universe or from God all sorts of things. To fulfill dreams, to realize fantasies. But most of the time we are too afraid or rely on the fears of others. "But how?", "But it is impossible", "But how many succeed??"

Luckily, my body spoke for me. The truth is that they immediately rushed to reassure me that thyroid cancer is considered a 'really good' cancer with 94% recovery if it is detected in time, and therefore only after a few years the penny dropped.

One day I just asked myself, how many people die in car accidents all over the world in one day? Completely normal people who got up in the morning for another routine day and didn't come back home. hundreds? thousands? Hundreds of thousands? How many people woke up to another 'normal' day and received news that changed their lives forever or got a stroke in the middle of the street?

All of us have an unfulfilled dream, ambition or desire. All of us. And All of us can get a stroke in the middle of the street right now.

And so, the only question to be asked is - what are you waiting for??


Aviv Geva, Author of bestseller ‘The Knight Must Die’, ‘Fatel’,  the rhymied allegory ‘The Middle Kingdom’ and the children's books "Marvelee" and "Draggy the Dragon".

* The lecture contains many humorous parts, examples from everyday life, from different and diverse worlds, and is suitable for all ages.

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