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"So, I was a lawyer. Hated myself. Hated my life.

I started writing totally 'by chance', as they say.

A former screenwriter that studied with me in my first law degree told me that I was talented and that he thinks I should give it a try.

I wrote about thirty pages and forgot all about it.

Two years later, again 'by chance' of course, I met this girl I knew years before and that was now some kind of psychic.

After two minutes of small-talk she suddenly asked out of the blue - "maybe you wrote something?".

At first I said no, because I didn't even remember it, but then I told her that in fact I did.

"That's your purpose in life," she immediately replied, "you'll be a great Author."

That conversation totally 'flipped me over' because there wasn't the slightest chance she could have known about it.

As time went by I have completed my first novel, but no publisher wanted it. An unknown writer, not a celebrity or something like that, why should they take a chance?

But because I strongly believed in myself, and even though I was already quite respectful divorce-mediation lawyer and even taught divorce-mediation in Bar-Ilan university, I took a chair and a folding table, and sat in the middle of the main street of Tel-Aviv selling my book to passers-by.

Even though I started getting very good reviews and letters from readers in social media, I couldn't have my books be sold at bookstores because the distributors didn't want to take a chance with a self-published book.

It took as much as three years, but eventually people started asking for my book at the bookstores. I beat them.

Within two more years my first novel became a best-seller, and just recently I have published my fifth book.

So don't ever let anyone tell you something is not possible, and I really hope you'll enjoy my writings.

With lots of love,


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The Knight Must Die” (A Novel)

“A different, other, cynical, insolent, daring, shaking the head and kicking the face book.
The writing is psychotic borderline brilliance“

“The Middle Kingdom” (A Rhymed Allegory)

"A wild work like no other. your grandchildren will study it at literature classes"

The story of the red banana monkeys kingdom. The work is written entirely in rhymes and is told as a kind of poem that describes in a special and significant way another possibility for the events that took place during former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination.

“Marvelee” (A Children’s book)

Sweet, wise and enchanting story in which father tells his little girl about the change in his life after she turned him into a dad.

Draggy The Dragon (A Children’s book)


The Knight Must Die:

“Mistakenly,  I thought that this was a book that easily entered the genre of flight books, but when I read – or rather, got sucked into it – I slowly realized that it was not the case – but the exact opposite.

I do not know if Geva, the author of this important work, is aware of his unique talent, as a writer, or in this case to be precise, as a “story teller” – and to the many tiers that his writing contains.

The Knight Must Die” contains philosophical and existential elements that ask the reader questions about his condition, surroundings, emotions and feelings.

It is a book that raised questions about solipsism and touched me at extraordinary depths. This is a very stimulating book – feelings, emotions, thoughts – and thus its greatness and uniqueness.”

(Author Doron Braunshtein)


"Honest, touching, melancholic but strangely uplifting, it was a fantastic read. beautiful, unique, strange, and compelling voice."

(Author Edward Evans)


“The author’s very rich language, just a dazzling linguistic celebration. The plot structure is original and surprising.

I even managed to fall in love with the image of the main character and hurt his pain to tears … this is indeed a unique book and essentially different from everything I knew before it.

I recommend to sink and be drown deep in its pages into a story full of emotional and instinctive strengths!”

(Reading Group For Book People)


“An excellent, flowing and surprising book”

(Actor Tal Friedman)


“From the first moment, the blunt language is a wonderful mask and a literary tool that serves the plot perfectly. I would not be ashamed to say genius.

(Author Osnat Saban)


“Cheeky, kicking, and bringing with it a new spirit.

The writers ability to cast his hero in different dimensions of time, in extreme degrees of recognition and understanding, within a spectrum of emotions that has more colors than the flag of pride, attests to one thing:

Something unusual takes place between these pages. “

(“Bookmark” – Website Recommendations Books Online)


“A different,  other, cynical, insolent, daring, shaking the head and kicking the face book.

The writing is psychotic borderline brilliance. “

(Sara Rachmiel – Book Reviews)


“A different point of view and writing, so real and so true, so many passages in the book I couldn’t say good-bye to!

Writing that has everything, the book made me laugh, cry, get angry and think endlessly about life…

Aviv geva … you nailed it, the book won’t leave my heart any time soon. “

(Author Eleanor Lugasi)


“Aviv gives us a real understanding of how a man’s brain works.

I recommend it for all women, just to understand a bit about them and smile a lot more to ourselves. “

(Odelia Tzadok – Book Reviews)


“The language is witty, the pace is fast, and you feel as though you yourself have taken something while reading and enjoying”

(Recommendations On “Saloona” Website)


“A wonderful and thrilling writing by the writer aviv geva, who did not cease throughout the book to use penetrating words. I read the book avidly, strongly recommended .. “

(Revital’s World - Book Reviews)


“The book is written in a witty manner, the writer certainly getting smart with the reader and allows him to understand things according to his imagination”

("Reading Time" – Book Reviews)

The Middle Kingdom:

“The Middle Kingdom” by Aviv Geva:  the birth of a new genre in contemporary Hebrew literature”

I found this book to be no less than a work of genius and herewith announce to one and all that Geva has created – through  his artistic perceptions and innovative way – a new genre in contemporary Hebrew literature with this very “disparate”, avant-garde, dadaistic literary creation.

(Author Doron Braunshtein)


“Aviv Geva has freed himself of the fetters of literary writing.

Abandoning the familiar templates and shapes of full sentences, geva links together words that don’t necessarily connect, yet in their higher spheres they complement each other.

For every word has its primary meaning, but also possesses the sensations it evokes.

Phrase after phrase, the reader is exposed to the other level of words, to writing at an emotional level.

One of the great literary creations I have ever known.”

(Pashi Levin, Screenwriter)


"A book that is written so differently. I felt as if I have entered the pages of Shakespeare's play, or perhaps the bible" 

(“Nurita” – A Look At Books And Literature At Eye Level)


"A wild work like no other. your grand children will study it at literature classes"

(Assaf Shany, Screenwriter)


“… The book is so enchanting, wise and entertaining, that it easily deserves the title of “The sweetest children’s book published in 2018”

(Chai-tarbut Book Reviews)


“Aviv Geva has succeeded, with great charm and sensitivity,  in telling a story about the ties between a father and his little girl in a wonderfully delightful and moving way!

The perfect gift for every dad. I highly recommend it!!”

(Book Reviews – Sara Rachmiel)


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