Author Aviv Geva’s Writing Workshop

Author of bestseller ‘The Knight Must Die’, ‘Fatel’, the rhymied allegory ‘The Middle Kingdom’ and children's books 'Marvelee' and 'Draggy the Dragon'.


"They say that if you'll ask a thousand people, you'll get a thousand opinions. Every person has a different taste and view, and different things that are important for them to say. So how do you know what's 'right'? what 'will work'? 

In the end, it is you and yourself who takes a decision. 

A good artist often has to have the courage to express ideas. Even those that he doesn't dare saying but draws or sculpts them. And this is an entirely different behavior than 'ordinary' people. If I use bluntness, it's not for the sake of bluntness. It's not because I'm a superficial or rude. It's because I don't put limits on myself. 

At the end of the day, an artist has to take risks.

Because any tale can be interesting or boring, it all depends on how you tell the story." 


סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'

Creative literary writing workshop for those who already write and also for those who are interested in writing, including the process of publishing a book.

Study topics:

  • ​Writing techniques 

  • ​​Plot structure

  • ​​Diegetics

  • Tempo (pace)

  • Defining event 

  • Characters - characteristics, flaw, uniformity and consistency, relationships between the characters

  • Dialogues

  • Plot time and space

  • Reliability and literary depth 

  • The hidden and the visible

  • Departure and return from metaphors

  • Reflections, thoughts, insights, punches

  • Falling in love with the text and the importance of erasing 

  • Vocabulary, high language and low language

  • Accuracy and tightness 

  • Different writing styles

  • Between hero and narrator

  • The author's personality structure and its effects - writing as a tool of expression 

  • The development of the unique voice

  • Dreams, voices internal and creative stimulation

  • Creative barriers and turning them into a productive process 

  • Practical practice at home and in class

  • Self-editing 

  • Deadline

  • Publishing

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